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Rental Unit Inspections

New York State now has a MANDATORY seller disclosure law. We can help you fulfill this requirement.

We perform a thorough inspection of each unit, allowing you to have an unbiased report detailing the exact conditions of the unit. This report will allow you to verify any damages done by your tenants. With each Structural Inspection, we will provide you with a written detailed report of the condition of your property. You'll also get a 200 page maintenance manual and seasonal maintenance guide with your report.

Safe-T-Check Inspection

As a landlord, you may be held responsible for any accidents that happen to your tenants. NYI® specializes in safety. Our Safe-T-Check Inspection can help you keep your units safe, and document the efforts you make to ensure your tenant's well-being. We'll review the entire unit for areas that may be unsafe or present health hazards. And we'll give written recommendations on our findings.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Testing

Carbon Monoxide is a silent unseen killer. Our CO Inspection will test your units for the presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide produced by your oil and gas burning furnace and water heaters.

Radon Gas Testing

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that all homes be tested for the presence of Radon gas. Radon gas is one of 38 substances that the government has classified as cancer causing. That is, prolonged exposure to Radon greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.

As a landlord, you might be held responsible if a tenant contracts cancer and your property is found to have high levels of Radon gas. Be Safe. Have us test the property. The Radon test is simple, quick, and EPA listed.

Environmental Assessment

As a business owner, you are responsible for your properties. There are many Federal and State requirements concerning protecting the environment. Before you buy that property, or if you've already bought it, you should have a Phase I Environmental Assessment performed. Know what is on and around your property before it's too late.

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